Thursday, December 31, 2009















Wednesday, December 30, 2009







marketing clubbing kaki!!xiao jia, winnie n darren=)

should i say thank you?



考完试,圣诞前夕,第一次玩paint ball~


portugese settlement 2009 xmas tree @2am~


Thursday, December 10, 2009


I was inspired by HIM and HER to write up this post.
Twenty significant things i did=)


Take flight for the very first time to Langkawi=)


Went Penang for the first time during October 2009 and miss the Penang Chao Koay Teow very much!!
The taste is superb =D


Tried Starbuck for the first time with my good friend, Kah Fung during study week.


Joined and participated as an assistant secretary in this meaningful event-CLS 10th anniversary celebration. (My first official event in MMU)
Have a lot of memories with them=)


Became an interaction camp director. and i screwed up the camp..sorry..
But from their joyful expression in this picture, i know, i din screwed up completely,rite?..

After this event, i seemed like participated actively in CLS@_@
Bacame an assistant head of a Chinese New Year Extravaganza mini carnival division.
Screwed up again@_@


Play as "so called" part time DJ during mini carnival.
This time, i didn't screw up, ok!!=)

After screw up for so many events, i decided to leave CLS. XD

First time wear waiting the time to try Kimono, hope it can happen in JapanXD


Attended MMU Awards..i just remembered the food served is s***.

Celebrated crazy Christmas in Portugese Settlement with crazy foam party^o^


Experienced the longest presentation in my university life..2 hours!!But it was quite fun with drama, games and presentation=)

Completed and submitted my first Japanese Language Project..
oh,miss it very much..Btw, nice handwriting riteXD


Went to Eason Chan MMU campus concert and see his real person!!!His voice really powerful!!


Took picture with him, Christopher in Jusco Melaka,wow!!Ya, i know, his wife is Fann Wong.


Took a picture with Dr Tun Mahathir "accidentally"..

Worked as a FREE LABOR during industry training and it will never happen again!!!


Worked part time crazily during internship and able to earn RM1k plus ,hahaha~
Don't be surprise to see me in Jusco=D


Joined as a working commitee in Consumer Fair(a compulsory marketing subject) and getting closer with some of my classmates=)


Went Sarawak for the first time.

Attended my sister's convo in Sarawak. Congratulation, sis=)
Too bad, my little brother not inside this photo.

Felt my purchasing power of skin care products during Clinique road show.

Those are significant things happen when i was twenty years old.
✿Today, i turn Twenty One years old=) ✿
♥ Forever 21♥