Sunday, August 16, 2009


好几个星期前吃了朋友介绍的cheese naan和chicken tandori。
这家咖啡店是在kota laksamana(马六甲)。
店名没错的话是Pak Putra。
相当不错,当天cheese naan的乳酪味不会太重,所以我可以接受。吃多也没有罪恶感,哈哈~


I met up with Sherlin and Kah Fung at More Cafe on yesterday.
It was the 1st time i visit this cafe.

chocolate milk shake

funny idea suggested by Sherlin,haha~
it look like i use the fork cucuk myself@_@

miss kah fung~

late more than 1 hour since she was overslept:P

i smile until cant see my eye and only can see my teeth (direct translate from笑到见牙不见眼)
After drinking session, i followed Sherlin went Pure bar for another drinking session:p
Yesterday i was a bit headache and after drink a small cup of Black Label+ Coke, i felt so dizzy@_@
Luckily i din fainted in Pure Bar, if not is reli paiseh:p (一世英名,差点就毁于一旦)
Went back early with Sherlin..and it was the 1st time i felt the difficulty to open my house's lock..

Spent RM70 on Etude House.
I bought sun block, eye & lip make up remover and sleeping mask.
Etude house is having promotion from 20%-50%.
The promotion will be ended on 31st August 2009.
Feel like i will be overspending in this month and next month.
So, i tried to cook some simple meal when i'm in home.
i think i have to put more effort on my cooking skill@@
Hope everyone will have a great week, *wink*


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YiYi said...

i wan shopping..i wan kai kai

宿影 said...

我也是突然间想吃那个cheese naan,哈哈~


i wan go out too!!!
i already list down all the food i wanna eat b4 i graduate,wahaha~
im just too boring until go n do tis silly thing:P