Friday, November 13, 2009


I miss KL~

First time went to Nando in KLCC~

The chicken is superb by adding the spicy sauce!!

I love the extra hot chili sauce!!Make the chicken taste nicer=)

Korean stone pot mixed rice is always my favourite choice!!thumbs up!!

strongly recommended=)

I hardly find this kind stone pot mixed rice in Malacca~

Vietnam mee with sliced chicken and spring roll..not recommended:(

the mee taste weird because it was cold~

sorry for asking my sis to order this food as i said i wanted to try Vietnam food..

ok,no more next time:p

I was getting excited when received the ice cream from Hermes scaft promo event=D

FYI, Hermes is a French high fashion house selling luxury goods. (cos most of my guy friend don't know what is Hermes*_*)

I likes some of the dress in Forever 21 but i can't afford it now=(

I need earn more to buy it!!

Went to Pommes Frites in Sunway Pyramid.

This cafe is quite well known with their fries.

Let's have a try=)

I like the salad althought i'm not a salad lover~

From this statement, you can imagine how nice is the saladXD

The fries is not bad as that was my first time to eat fries with a bit of potatoes skin on it,haha~

I think that is the way to show how the Pommes Frites fries different with other fries.

Seem like i'm getting picky on food,huhu~

For me, the spaghetti is just ordinary~ Perhaps the white sause is not appetizing..

I have been doing my Final Year Project recently.

It is really tough for me and i think i have to suffer till the end of semester=(

Hope everything goes well, argh~


Akira 思胜 said...

说到KL, 我就想到那边的美食呢! XD

晴天 said...

好久没看到你, 最近很忙吗?
嗯。。很久没吃nandos了, 超想念的。。

Justine said...

sien lo, use the same bag with me@@~anyway my bag is getting teruk d i wan to throw liao=.=

宿影 said...

ya,KL have a lotss of nice food!!
love it=)

ya,recently quite busy with my project and assignment..
i miss Nando too,must eat again,lolx~

cough not using the bag the tali of the bag spoilt..zzz@@~i bought a new bag in KL ad,hope in can stay longer..bless*_*

Shortdaily said...

anyway fyp 要加油唷^^