Sunday, January 10, 2010


26/12/2009 4.59pm listening the incomplete song
Give some time for guitar beginner=)

01/01/2010 11.36pm camwhoring

05/01/2010 -7.22pm Rainbow
Wonder why the sky look "pinky" on 7.22pm, surprisingly saw RAINBOW~
The electrical wire somehow spoil the view *_*

07/01/2010 1.30pm First tried long bean fried egg
It just break into pieces when i try to turn it around*_*
i spend most of the time on Facebook, Plurk, PPS, Driving lesson..
I'm so lazy to start editing my FYP 1..slap me pls..*piak*
I just get the approval of my FYP questionnaires on Friday.
After i done the pilot test, i found most of the respondents do not purchase green products before. i'm goin to analyse my survey...
Seem like everything didn't go smoothly..
Bukit Beruang was blackout yesterday. wth~i was alone in the house and it was 7.30pm~i can't even see my dinner@#$%#%
I can't get help from any of my friend because most of them have going back their hometown and enjoying their sweet holiday..
I just realised my 人缘 is very poor~
Kinda sad and walked to library in the darkness..
Tenaga Nasional, i did pay the electricity bill and please don't simply blackout again especially during MMU sem break!!
Hope the holiday end soon *_*


Akira 思胜 said...

对啊, 假期很快就会结束的咯... 我也快要开学了...

MOoDy WiNnIE said...

I think i will also have same result as u... but everything will had its own solution, so dun think too much n enjoy ur holiday first :)

Evelyn said...

dun so sad, wait u cum bp have fun lah.