Monday, April 7, 2008

Yesterday, i went to Mahkota Parade with my friends n i bought these!!!
**** brand watch( i like white colour watch) and sunglasses from Vincci ^_^

After shopping, i went to Song Composing Competition, organized by Chinese Language Society.

But i prefer last year's song composing competition:P

Anyway, i enjoy that show^^feel like singing after watched that competition.

I want to find a boyfriend good in singing:P

p/s: i need to lose 2 more kg!!!

if my leg slim n long like this...wah!!!

Day dreaming again....


darrenckw said...

need me to intro singer boyfren ? or am i qualified ? :p

shulin286 said...

nice watch and sunglasses!!! Oh my god. I wanna have one too!!
want to find a singer bf?? how about wang lee hom? haha..
take care ya, my dear sister.
enjoy and have fun there, k?

yuukanomiya said...

hehe, go n buy one, nice ler!!!
wang lee hom? hahaha^^

wah, u wan introduce a boyfriend singer to me then nice lar^^
u r qualified, but i'm not qualified:P